Can Joann. 2002 - 2010

Can Joann was a Chapel Hill based band formed in 2002. They played over 200 shows in clubs, houses, art galleries, fundraisers, contexts and crawfish cookouts. They played up and down the east coast from NYC to Miami and several spots in between from the years 2002-2008. They released a home-recorded album in 2003, an EP in 2004, and a proper full length in 2006 (available at online stores including iTunes now). Two Videos were made with Can Joann songs w/o the band knowing: (1) & (2). Can Joann received some international press throughout the years. In late 2006, their song Indecision's Way was the most played song on the blogs according to the blog aggregator The influential website, Idolator stated this: "Today's Top 10 list includes three Can Joann tracks, with "Indecision's Way" on the No. 1 spot. Considering that Sufjan and the Hold Steady round out the top three, that's a big accomplishment, even in our tiny, tiny music-nerd world."

The band took a break in June 2008 when geography separated them.
However they communicated electronically and put their recordings through the mastering stages and geared up for the proper release of 2010's album, Second Language. In late 2010, Second Language was mastered and made available for download.

Can Joann has had some incredibly wonderful times making music over the years. Thanks for the support.

Some press

Indecision's Way
Ah, Motorsports!

MP3's also available through Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby, Reverb Nation, and through Elbows